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Place two or three fingers on the injured fibers, and place your thumb on the medial side of the lower leg to stabilize your hand Image 5. The following stretch targets the fibularis muscles and is particularly beneficial. The fibularis tertius is a very small, weak muscle that is not usually injured. And that work-related back pain that starts out minor can soon become severe, causing problems in all areas of your life. This page was last updated on October 30th, Imagine sitting on a horse and pressing down on just one stirrup—you would be unstable and more likely to fall off.

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Now move your wrist and arm, applying friction pressure up against the fibula in one direction only.

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Fibularis Muscle And Tendon Injuries

There may also be redness in the area erythema and slight swelling. Fibularis muscle and tendon injuries may occur suddenly as a person walks on very uneven ground, steps into a hole while walking or running, slides into second base, or gets tripped in a soccer match, or in any other accident in which the ankle turns with the foot beneath the body. If the fibularis brevis is injured, the client will feel pain at the lateral ankle or in the lateral lower leg Image 3. Usually the greatest pain is felt when everting the foot against resistance. Common Foot Problems ›. If the pain lasts more than a week or so, treatment is recommended. He is founder of the Muscular Therapy Institute.

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